a look at the difference between 'suburbs' in Japan and America
There is a foot bridge that crosses over the northern tip of a narrow island in the city center. On this island tip — which is really a fancified sand…

February 2023

Near the top of the hill we gathered, in the orchard in a circle, although, it would probably look more like an amoeba if you saw it from above. A…
Homes have showers nowadays, so why are neighborhood 'community' bath houses still kind of a thing here?

January 2023

morning in a 'Corbusian' Japanese neighborhood
a winter day in a small Japanese neighborhood by the trolley station

December 2022

nature has something in store for the gardener who loses their temper
how an entire Japanese city was transformed into a parking lot

November 2022

I wondered why Juanjuan was so excited to see it. We had been friends for twelve years, after meeting along the tree-lined streets of his old Poblenou…
roots deep, branches out, that's what the forest is about

October 2022

Standing in the meadow, Newton’s silver mop of hair whirled around, causing a lock of it to settle down over his eyes. The wind was playing games with…

September 2022

This week, a simple ‘what if’ scenario… This one is inspired by a visit to the Japanese alpine village of Urugi [read about it here] where this scenario…