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I was fascinated to read about a river cycling trail where there used to be a freeway and parking lots. Here in St. John's (Newfoundland, Canada) they are proposing to pave a couple of river trails to make them accessible to wheelchair users and cyclists and there has been a lot of opposition to the idea. The way people talk about it, you'd think they were going to build a freeway! I wrote a post about it that is also about some of my pleasures and reasons for cycling: https://wordpress.com/post/roadrageshow.wordpress.com/481.

I loved reading this post and a few others on The Possible City and will come back to read more. Wonderful drawings too!

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Great to see your comment, and your writing. I enjoyed seeing the ride along your Waterford River :-) Most people I've talked with who are against bicycle infrastructure have formed that opinion simply because they do not ride and have never heard nice stories or reflections from someone who does. I feel like that all changes, the more we share our experiences in public.

Keep writing and sharing the difficulties and joy!!!

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