Friends in the city center tell me that, sometime around the 1970s, time stopped in this neighborhood. Economic growth stopped. Changing trends stopped…
Arriving to Yvette during the day, the city seems not so much different from the one before it, or the one after. A train station with a few shops…
and the process of regaining the twinkle in our eyes
Exiting the house, a Japanese tit greets you, and the morning Bew cheep bew cheep bew cheep bew Bew cheep bew cheep bew Bew cheep bew cheep bew cheep…
What else could you nurture inside of it?
a downtown where nature is more important than the financial district
the time required to appreciate mochi sweets ... and other things
finding hidden values from a hidden papermaker in Nara
scale, ownership, and love in the equitable, regenerative neighborhood
Eating with the bees, and why it matters
Solutions for the equitable, ecological cities of the future, today.