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Love the idea of this series! I think Ostwald, where I live, would fulfil about 1/3 of what you mentioned in your list. What I love the most about Ostwald and Strasbourg is that there are many bike paths available (even if some overlap with driving roads), and that many of the locals travel by bicycle.

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Hey Heeyoung! You bring up a good point. The frame of this list is like a full on Japan style 'urbanism' list, yeah? But of course, I love Strasbourgh (and definitely the city center has a whole lot of the list points).

It is interesting to think how the ability to bike on those paths where you live, especially by the rivers and parks, kind of shifts the need for some of the things on my list. As in, if you can safely take a nice bike ride to do many of your daily things, well, that's a pretty nice deal. I think our neighborhood in Daejeon is kind of like that.

Any way, sounds like ingredients for the next series are coming together already ;-)

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